Nytro XP6302 Flash Accelerator Card

Maximizing Capacity and Performance for Highly Dense Environments

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The XP6302 card offers a PCIe 3.0 interface to deliver up to 4GB/s of bandwidth for performance oriented applications like video surveillance and real time data backup, and enables space-constrained server environments and platforms that deploy low-profile boards to run server-based PCIe flash in their data centers. The XP6302 accelerator card:

  • Doubles the capacity and bandwidth common with most full-height cards in a half-height form factor
  • Is right-sized to enable PCIe flash adoption in low profile server markets
  • Offers seamless deployment with transparency to applications, file systems, operating systems (OSs), and device drivers
  • Lowers utility costs with NAND flash module “XFF” integration design for bidirectional airflow and improved thermals
  • Is highly reliable with supercaps on-board for immediate data backup in the case of a power failure

XP6302 Flash Accelerator Card Product Brief
Nytro Product Portfolio Table
Dell PowerEdge Server Acceleration with Nytro Flash Technology
Nytro Outperforms the Competition

row1 nytro xp6302 570x300

High Performance and Capacity for Dense Environments

The multi-planar design of the Nytro XP6302 card delivers high capacity flash and performance per slot with innovatively designed flash modules (XFF) making it well-suited for the most compact environments. With improvements such as these, space-constrained server platforms that deploy low profile boards can now run server-based PCIe flash in their datacenters which had previously been an inhibitor due to physical limitations of the server.

Determining if an Application is IO Bound

Accelerating the OpenStack Cloud Partner Brief

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Gold Standard in PCI-Based Device Drivers, Seamless Deployment

The Nytro XP6302 accelerator card not only addresses the challenges of performance and space, but does so seamlessly with minimal administrator intervention or fine-tuning. This includes transparency to applications, file systems, operating systems, and field-hardened device drivers. Additional sophisticated algorithms handle complex flash management tasks like garbage collection and wear-leveling.

Nytro also offers powerful and intuitive solutions such as the VMware vCenter plugin which provides simple management of Nytro cards in VMware data centers.

row3 nytro xp6302 570x300

Highly Reliable Server-Side Flash Card Solution

For cloud, Web 2.0 and large datacenter deployments, implementing a reliable and simple solution across a sea of servers is critical. The Nytro XP6302 card ensures reliability by including integrated supercaps on-board (versus a remote discrete solution) which provides offload power for ROC to write DRAM cache contents to two XFFs. This allows for immediate data backup in the event of an unplanned power failure.

Data Center

Turn Data into Meaningful Information Quickly

Today’s data warehouse has evolved from being considered as a secondary archiving project to a primary one which organizations depend on for their daily operations. In data warehouse deployments, low latency is critical. Environments such as these can experience substantial performance benefits with Nytro. As a component of tested reference architectures, such as Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Fast Track, Nytro can be a part of a turn-key deployment for optimized performance.

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SQL Server 2014 Fast Track Data Warehouse Solution

Improve Database Performance with Nytro and Cirrus Data Solutions

MySQL TPC-C Optimization

Accelerate SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Nytro Accelerates Oracle Database on Solaris x64

Linux and Oracle TPC-C Optimizations with Flash

Model Data Sheet User Manual Product Description Usable Capacity Raw Capacity NAND Petabyte Writes (typical) Flash Memory Type
Nytro XP6302 Flash Card
Nytro XP6302-8B1536 1.3TB 1.5TB 6.6 eMLC
Nytro XP6302 Flash Card
Nytro XP6302-8B2048 1.75TB 2TB 8.8 eMLC
Nytro XP6302 Flash Card
Nytro XP6302-8B4096 3.5TB 4TB 11.7 MLC