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Premium bmp,gi, svg, psd, esp, emf, jpg, png, pdf, tiff, pdf, ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, outlook, txt, mpp, chm, vsd, mp3, wma, wav, mp4, mov, wmv, 3gp, swf, asf, avi, flv, fla 1 $99.00
Technician bmp,gi, svg, psd, esp, emf, jpg, png, pdf, tiff, pdf, ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, outlook, txt, mpp, chm, vsd, mp3, wma, wav, mp4, mov, wmv, 3gp, swf, asf, avi, flv, fla, bak, sys, rar, csv, exe, msi, cr2, pps, ps, psd, rels, key, dbx, sccdb,, cur, 7z, ai, dbf, htm, html, .max, mdb, xml, db, dat, zip, bat, tex, asp, la, json, rb, sh, adr, cls, cue, dif, dp, emk, h, hdr, jad, lax, m3u, mem, mfs, pts, qgs, ram, reg, rpp, seenet, slk, snz, stp, url, vbm, wpl, mdl, log, m4a, m4p, map 5 $299

Seagate Recovery Software is right for you if:

Your storage device is not physically damaged
Your computer is able to detect your media
Your data loss is due to logical error or because of accidental deletion or formatting

Get your files back in 4 easy steps.


Download & install the software.


Follow instructions to detect missing files.


If files are found, follow instructions for recovering them.


Nothing found? Try In-Lab Recovery Service.

How it works


Why am I unable to preview “good” integrity files?
If your files were overwritten and or are corrupted, the file preview window will not be able to show the file. Make sure files you are wanting to recover are viewable in the preview window before trying to recover them.
What does “STX Server is not responding” mean?
STX Server is not responding means that the Seagate servers are temporarily down due to maintenance. This is an intermittent issue, we suggest you try and connect again at a later time
Why doesn’t the software find file names?
  • If you are scanning a device that does not have an Operating System (OS) installed, it’s unlikely that many file names will be found.
  • If you are scanning a device that has an active OS and file names are not being found, this is due to your PC overwriting information where the file(s) were previously located. This also leads to the recovery software to find duplicates of the same file, one of which is the original and should have a file name "present".
Why do I need Seagate File Recovery Software?
File recovery is the Act of recovering (salvaging) lost files from a computer hard drive or an external storage device. Whether files have been deleted, a drive has been accidently formatted, or a section of the drive has been corrupted/damaged, Seagate file recovery software has the ability to get back most, if not all files that have been lost.
Does the Seagate File Recovery Software Suite only work on Seagate branded products?
No. Seagate File Recovery Software Suite works with any brand of drive and most storage device types.
How long does a file recovery take?
There are a few factors that play into how long a file recovery takes. The larger the size of the drive that is being scanned is, the longer it will take. If a drive is damaged or corrupted, it will also add time to the overall recovery process.
What does it mean when a drive is formatted?
Formatting a drive is the process of preparing a Hard Drive for use. To use a drive, it must first be Formatted (for example: NTFS, FAT32, ExFAT, etc...)
Can files be recovered from a formatted drive?
Yes, the Seagate File Recovery Software Suite has the capability to recovery files off a drive that has been formatted.
Can I repair a damaged drive?
If you purchase Seagate’s Technician version, you will have the ability to repair a single bad sector but the drive must be functional. If the your hard drive or storage device is physically damaged, we suggest you send it to our data recovery service lab by submitting a case at:
Can I preview found files before I pay for the recovery?
Yes, all versions of the Seagate File Recovery Suite give the user the opportunity to preview all files that have been found before they pay.
What is the difference between Quick Scan and Advanced scan?
A quick scan will only find files that have been deleted and/or emptied from the recycling bin. We always recommend running a quick scan before running an advanced scan. Advanced Scan does a much more thorough job at scanning a dive. It scans each sector, and has been optimized to file even the smallest files. While the Quick Scan feature is free, you will find many more files by running an advanced scan by paying for a software license.
Will the recovery also find the names of my files?
If the drive that is being scanned (recovered) has an operating system (OS) installed on it, then yes, the chances are much higher. If there is no OS on the Drive that is being scanned, then the possibility of File name recovery depends on what has happened to the dive to warrant a recovery.
How long after losing a file do I have to recover it?
As long as the drive has not been fully erased, there really is no time limit. However, continuing to use the drive (such as adding or editing photos, music, documents, etc) that you are wanting to recover files from can overwrite deleted files making them less likely to be recoverable. Also, letting a drive sit without being used does eventually further the damage. As a result, the sooner you recover the lost files, the better your chance of recovering them.
Does Seagate File Recovery Software Suite recover lost partitions?
If you have lost a partition you will want to scan the full drive, the information that was nested in the lost partition can still be recovered.
How many times can I use your recovery software?
This depends on which version you have purchased. Document, Picture, Multimedia, and Development versions give you the ability to recover 12 times in one year after the activation, whichever comes first. The Premium version gives you the ability to recover 24 times, and the Technician Version in unlimited.
How do I know how many recoveries (keys) I have left?
Located in the settings section (bottom left corner, click on the gear image) under license, it shows the user how many uses, you have left. In the Technician version, the number actually shows how many recoveries you have performed to date
What file type can Seagate File Recovery Software Suite recover?
The following file types can be recovered - bmp,gi, svg, psd, esp, emf, jpg, png, pdf, tiff, pdf, ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, outlook, txt, mpp, chm, vsd, mp3, wma, wav, mp4, mov, wmv, 3gp, swf, asf, avi, fla
What hardware do I need to conduct an external disk recovery?
This depends on the size of the drive you are trying to scan. You will need a USB to SATA adapter to be able to connect the drive to a working computer. If you are trying to recover from a larger desktop hard drive, you will need an adapter with external power.
How do I contact customer support?
We have user guide videos available online to help you with navigating through the software’s functionality should you need assistance. For any additional technical assistance, you may contact Seagate Recovery Services at or visit
What version of Seagate Recovery Suite should I purchase?
This depends on what kind of files you are trying to recover. We know in many cases, a user is only interested in one category of file types, example: multimedia, Picture, Documents, or Development. Thus Seagate has designed our software to fit the user’s needs. If you have run into the problem of losing all files types on a drive, then the Premium version would be the best choice. The Premium version has the capability of finding all file types.
What OS (operating systems) do you support?
Seagate Recovery Suite supports both Microsoft and Macintosh OS.
Can the Seagate file recovery software scan a Network drive?
Seagate File Recovery Suite does not support scanning a Network drive, however you are able to disconnect an individual drive from the Shared network device and scan it as an external direct device, as long as it’s not encrypted and is supported by Seagate File Recovery Software filesystem.
What Does “Volume/Directory Not Available” Mean?
If you receive this message when selecting a location to recover to after your scan has completed, it generally means that the location you selected cannot be accessed by Seagate Recovery Suite (SRS). If you are trying to recover to an external drive, be sure to attach the drive to your system before you start the SRS software.
Why Am I Having Trouble Activating My License?
  • If you are experiencing issues activating your license key, first make sure you are using the latest version of the SRS software. Also, intermittent or slow internet connection can make it difficult for the software to “call home” to activate your license. Sometimes firewall, antivirus and browser software can prohibit SRS from connecting with the Seagate Server to activate your license. Make sure any of these types of software running on your system is allowing outgoing communications or is temporarily turned off when trying to activate your license.
  • If you are still having issues with activation after trying the above mentioned items, please click on the “Gear” icon located on the lower left of the SRS window when it first opens. Next, click on “About” and then click on the check box to “Enable Log For Debugging”. This will turn on the logging feature for Customer Support to be able to further help you solve your issue. Once you have enabled logging, try to activate your license again, then call Customer Support and they will instruct you how to send the log files to them.
What is Enable LOG for debugging in the “About” tab?
If there is a problem with the Seagate file recovery suite that cannot be directly resolved by the customer service representatives, they will guide you through the steps of enabling and sending a LOG that allows the developers of the software to further understand the issue. This function was created to help pinpoint the bug(s) that are not allowing you, the User, to have an easy and care free file recovery experience.
Why Can't I view my file after recovery?

This may be due to the fact that the data stored on the device has been corrupted, either a segment of the binary data is gone or the data has been overwritten by another file. Most file recovery software will find the remanences of theses corrupted files. However, because they are incomplete it is very unlikely the file will open. When it comes to the Seagate file recovery suite, there are some cases where a file was found by the software and is labeled as “Good” integrity, but may be a corrupt file.

You may find a file that is corrupted and not viewable, but in many cases the software finds duplicates of the same file (again this is due to how the file date is written onto the device). So be sure to recover all like files, meaning same file size and if applicable same file name.

File Recovery Software Installation and Activation