Xi3 Corporation Case Study: Bringing the Benefits of SSHD (Hybrid Drives) to Console Gaming

Xi3 Corporation Case Study: Bringing the Benefits of SSHD Hybrid Drives to Console Gaming

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Xi3 Corporation takes innovation to new heights with a modular computer design that features solid state storage and the same punch as standard PCs—in a quarter of the size. Paired with Xi3’s sleek, stylish SLID3™ storage drives, users can easily increase the storage capacity of their Xi3 computers in minutes.

Maximum Performance in a Small Size and Elegant Package

Xi3 created SLID3 Storage Solutions in response to the consumer need for low-cost bulk storage. SLID3 drives can house SSHDs delivering the advantages of consistent performance and higher capacity to any of Xi3’s computers. And because of Xi3’s modular design, sliding a SLID3 drive onto any of their computers is a snap, allowing more storage without sacrificing space or style.

A Game-Changer for Home Entertainment

Xi3’s PISTON Console is a multi-purpose machine that’s perfect for gaming and other activities like high performance computing, home automation control, and home theater. With its compact, modular design, the PISTON Console is small on space and power consumption and big on performance. Watch movies, surf the web, then play a game using the PISTON’s controller or keyboard and mouse.

Each PISTON Console comes with its own game library and 128GB of SSD storage. Because games can take up a lot of space, hardcore gamers will appreciate how easily the PISTON Console works with SSHD SLID3 storage drives. Just fit the PISTON onto a SLID3 storage drive and add up to 2TB of extra capacity instantly.

A Storage Boost for Enterprises and Organizations

The X7A Modular™ Computer is perfect for high-end computing tasks like video editing and design. With high capacities and high bandwidth, the X7A system fulfills heavy-duty computing requirements.. These computers feature between 64GB and 1TB of SSD storage. However, as 15 out of 17 [business] sectors in the U.S. have more data stored per company than the U.S. Library of Congress,1 it is likely business users will require more storage space on their X7A systems. That’s where SLID3 drives come in. Just slide a SLID3 drive onto the X7A and add up to 2TB of storage space instantly.

A Creative Solution for Tight Security

Military and aerospace organizations use Xi3 modular computers with SLID3 drives because of their top-notch data security. By storing all data on external SLID3 drives, security-focused customers can maintain high levels of performance and capacity without storing critical data on the local computer, where it is vulnerable to theft or breach.

Harnessing the Power of SSHD:

According to Jan Bjernfalk, vice president of product marketing at Xi3, SSHD products like the Seagate® Laptop SSHD are an excellent fit for Xi3 SLID3 solutions.

This is something that takes advantage of the same solid state technology that makes the Xi3 cube what it is. At their core, Seagate Laptop SSHDs bring the benefits of performance, capacity and affordability to the SLID3 line. This [Laptop SSHD] is something that takes advantage of the same solid state technology that makes the Xi3 cube what it is.”

Jan Bjernfalk, Product Marketing Vice President, Xi3 Corporation


1Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. McKinsey & Company, 2011.

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