Seagate® Exos Enterprise Hard Drives

Catalyze the datasphere by enabling data center architects and IT professionals to deliver trusted performance, solid reliability and ironclad enterprise security while lowering TCO in demanding 24×7 operations.

Exos X
Scalable. Responsive. Innovative.
With up to 10PB of data in a single 42U rack, your storage infrastructure can scale to meet growing capacity needs.
Seagate® Exos X hard drives enable the fastest data transfers possible.
Innovative technology advancements like PowerBalance, PowerChoice, Seagate Secure and Seagate RAID Rebuild® for improved TCO.
Exos E
Trusted. Efficient. Versatile.
Trusted and field-proven with over 350M enterprise drives shipped since 2002.
Meets all storage workload requirements with the most efficient and cost-effective data center footprint available.
Purpose-built for enterprise applications and workloads, improving storage tiering and maximizing storage efficiency.


Announcing 14TB Exos X14 CMR Enterprise hard drive

  • Higher capacity in the same 3.5” footprint, scaling up your petabytes!
  • Helium-enabled low power and weight, plus the capability to manage performance for additional power savings
  • Robust drive-level data security and integrity for when the drive is at rest, recording, or retired

Why our partners choose Exos drives

We liked the performance, we liked the reliability, and when we had tech-related questions, Seagate responded immediately. Seagate reps came to our office multiple times; we got support 24/7. We learned that we could rely on Seagate.

Jerry Kaner

Founder and President of Ciphertex Data Security

We have never had a crash or failure with about 20 or 30 Seagate drives we used. Never had any issues. Now that we can have all our files in one Exos-powered system, we continue to count on that reliability.

Sam Kolder

Filmmaker and Adventurer

IT PROs Rate Seagate Enterprise HDDs as Best-In-Class for Six Consecutive Years

Seagate was again selected by IT professionals as the 2018 Market Leader for Enterprise HDDs garnering nearly half of the votes for the sixth straight year. In addition, Seagate accomplished a clean sweep by winning all Enterprise HDD leadership categories.