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Seagate Technology Work Environment: Corporate Values

Where is Seagate headed? How will we get there? What role do employees play in helping the company meet its goals?

Seagate's Corporate Values -- People, Customer Success, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Openness, Social Responsibility, and Sustained Profitability-- focus on our long-term perspective for leadership and prosperity. These values should inspire us to a level of excellence that maximizes value for customers, business partners, and shareholders, while supporting our employees and the communities in which our employees live and work. These values are intended to be a foundation to guide our decisions. They are reflected in our business objectives and they represent the global standard by which all of our individual and collective actions will be measured.


People are our competitive advantage. Successful individuals are the driving force behind a successful enterprise. Attracting, retaining, and motivating the best people will position Seagate at the forefront of the industry.

To maintain this edge our employees must:

  • Always look for ways to make a positive impact
  • Encourage respect and compassion for each other
  • Embrace diversity
  • Be responsible and accountable for every aspect of our work
  • Hire exceptional people; provide them with challenges and nurture growth

Customer Success

Customer success leads to our success. We will provide maximum leverage to our customers through value-added products, services, and support.

To create customer success we must:

  • Proactively listen to and understand the needs of our external and internal customers
  • Provide time-to-market, cost-effective products and services to our customers
  • Make it easy to work with Seagate
  • Make the service and support we provide one of our primary differentiators


The pursuit of excellence is not a destination, it's a journey.

To achieve this we must:

  • Accept the challenge of ownership
  • Ensure quality in every aspect of our work
  • Take pride in our work, products, and vision
  • Accept that change is inevitable and that adaptability determines future success


We are advocates and instruments of positive change. Being innovative builds competitive advantage and creates new opportunities.

We therefore:

  • Celebrate creativity and open-minded thinking
  • Encourage and support responsible risk-taking
  • Build on our successes and learn from our failures


Teams are the catalysts for our ideas and actions. Every team member has the power to influence the group. We treat this power as a privilege and a responsibility. Teamwork is the foundation of an effective, successful, fun environment in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Team members need to:

  • Focus on achieving the team goals
  • Support initiatives, implement decisions and share the successes of completion
  • Look for ways to contribute, learn and support
  • Leverage the abilities of all team members
  • Energize and inspire each other
  • Foster an atmosphere of honesty, forthrightness and utmost integrity


Openness facilitates informed decisions, understanding and trust. Sharing information across the organization facilitates our common goals.

We all need to:

  • Speak up confidently
  • Share knowledge and ideas
  • Acknowledge contributions for their merits regardless of their source
  • Recognize and support whoever owns the final decision
  • Give our managers, colleagues and subordinates constructive feedback
  • Listen to other's contributions

Social Responsibility

We encourage involvement both inside and outside Seagate.

Our objectives are to:

  • Foster a healthy balance between our professional endeavors, family lives, communities and environment
  • Promote positive contributions to our communities

Sustainable Profitability

Our business is based on a balanced perspective between short and long-term vision. We aim to grow the company, to increase our earnings and to enhance our corporate environment through profitable investments.

Our goals are to:

  • Build a successful business model that encompasses the needs of our customers, our shareholders and our employees
  • Provide a dynamic and responsive organization that ensures a rapid response to opportunity and competition
  • Invest in a balanced portfolio of short, medium and long-term business opportunities of measured risk