Seagate is a leading provider of data storage products. We produce a broad range of electronic data storage products including HDDs, solid state hybrid drives and solid state drives, which address enterprise applications, client compute applications and client non-compute applications. In addition to manufacturing and selling data storage products, we provide data storage services for small to medium-sized businesses, including online backup, data protection and recovery solutions. 

The continued advancement of cloud, mobile and open source computing, as well as an increase in the use and reliance on big data analytics are driving the growth of digital content. As a result, the nature and amount of content being created requires increasingly higher storage capacity in order to store, manage, distribute, utilize and backup such content. This in turn has resulted in the rapid growth in demand for electronic data storage applications and solutions which we believe will continue to grow in developed countries as well as in emerging economies.

We believe that in the foreseeable future disk drives continue to be the primary medium of mass data storage due to their performance attributes, high quality and cost effectiveness. With access to the Capital Markets, Seagate is well positioned to fund its world class innovative products to enable customers to access, share and protect their digital data.

Seagate’s Strategy and Perspectives on Debt