2017 Flash Memory Summit – Seagate Technology Highlights

August 2017

Tony Afshary, Director of Solutions & Product Marketing at Seagate Technology, provides a walk-through of the latest SSD products and technology innovations showcased by Seagate Technology at the 2017 Flash Memory Summit. Learn more at
Presenters: Tony Afshary, Director of Solutions & Product Marketing

Consumer Solutions and Data Age 2025

May 2017

In this session, Seagate’s Tim Bucher, SVP of Consumer Solutions Group, gives an insight on the consumer market and Seagate’s Consumer Solutions Group.
Presenters: Tim Bucher, SVP of Consumer Solutions Group
Moderator: Sherri Scribner, Director & Senior Analyst - IT Hardware & Technology Supply Chain of Deutsche Bank

Seagate’s Virtual Booth Tour at CES 2017

January 2017

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Seagate showcased the power of data in flight by letting visitors interact with some of the amazing experiences enabled by our products. From drones and gaming to the latest in virtual reality and more, Seagate offered a tour of what we can expect to see in 2020. In this video, Tim Bucher, SVP of Consumer Solutions, hosts a tour of the Seagate booth. While Jeff Fochtman, VP of Marketing, exhibits the interactive portion of the booth tour.
Presenters: Tim Bucher, VP of Consumer Solutions and Jeff Fochtman, VP of Marketing

SC16 Seagate Virtual Booth Tour

November 2016

In this session, Ken Claffey gives a tour of the Seagate booth at the 2016 Supercomputer Conference (SC16) in Salt Lake City, Utah. The tour showcased some of Seagate’s latest offering in Cloud Systems and Silicon Group (CSSG), Seagate Government Solutions (SGS), and the Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) live demonstration.
Presenters: Ken Claffey, VP of Cloud Systems and Jason Feist, Director of Enterprise Product Planning

Video Surveillance

September 2016

In this session, Seagate’s Steve Loh and Jason Bonoan covered current technology, market trends and growth drivers of the surveillance market, highlighted Seagate’s leading portfolio and technical excellence in this fast growing market.
Presenters: Steve Loh, Director of Global OEM and Jason Bonoan, Manager of Product Marketing
Moderator: Ananda Baruah, Managing Director of Equity Research at Brean Capital, LLC

2016 Flash Memory Summit – Seagate Booth

August 2016

From the Seagate booth at the 2016 Flash Memory Summit, Seagate’s Director of Product Marketing & Solutions Business Development, Tony Afshary, showcased Seagate’s latest flash innovations.
Presenters: Tony Afshary, Director of Product Marketing & Solutions Business Development

HDD Essentials

2015 - 2016

A series of videos about hard disk drives (HDDs). Watch how HDDs work, the different types of drives, and why choosing the right drive for the right job is important.

High Performance Computing and Big Data

May 2016

In this session, Ken Claffey provides insight on the role of Seagate’s High Performance Computing (HPC) business in a changing storage landscape, and how the market disruption is creating opportunities for Seagate’s HPC business to provide solutions in Big Data storage.
Presenters: Ken Claffey, VP Cloud Systems
Moderator: Rich Kugele, Senior Security Analyst of Needham & Company

HDD Areal Density

August 2015

In this session, Mark Re, SVP and Chief Technology Officer, discusses the technology behind Seagate’s areal density advancements and the Company’s progress on Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology.
Presenters: Mark Re, SVP and Chief Technology Officer
Moderator: Nehal Chokshi, VP of Maxim Group LLC

HDD Technology and Trends

May 2015

In this session, Mark Re, SVP and Chief Technology Officer, gives an overview about storage demand, basics of how Hard Disk Drives (HDD) works, future technologies and its application to products.
Presenters: Mark Re, SVP and Chief Technology Officer

Seagate High Performance Computing Business

December 2014

In this session, Ken Claffey and Steve Paulhus gives an overview of the High Performance Computing (HPC) market and Seagate’s HPC Business.
Presenters: Ken Claffey, VP and GM, Seagate Systems Group,
Steve Paulhus, Director, Strategic Business Development
Moderator: Joe Yoo, Citi Technology Hardware Analyst

New Cloud and Enterprise Solutions

September 2014

At the 2014 Strategic Update in New York, Seagate showcased new development in cloud and enterprise solutions. The video features Nytro PCIe Flash Accelerator Cards, Seagate ClusterStor 9000, Seagate EVault Enterprise Backup and Recovery Appliance, Kinetic Open Storage Platform and Seagate Business NAS.

Seagate Kinetic Platform in Action

May 2014

The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform fundamentally changes how storage devices interface with applications in the object storage world. Seagate's Advanced Storage team will discuss the joint work being done with in scale out storage on Swift and utilizing the Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform.
Presenter: SwiftStack's Joe Arnold and Seagate's Ali Fenn

Seagate Consumer Cloud and Home Storage

March 2014

Growth in digital content and device proliferation have created a huge market opportunity in consumer storage solutions. In this session, Jeff Fochtman, Sr. director of product marketing, discusses Seagate's offerings and strategy in the dynamic market of consumer cloud and home storage.
Presenter: Jeff Fochtman, Senior Director of Product Marketing (Branded & SMB)
Moderator: Nehal Chokshi, CEO & Senior Analyst of Technology Insights Research LLC

Seagate Client SSHD Product Update

December 2013

In this session, David Burks highlights one of Seagate's innovation initiatives, solid state hybrid drives. The discussion focuses on client storage market, Seagate’s product portfolio and insight to how customers are responding and deploying the technology.
Presenter: David Burks, Marketing Director of Hybrid Storage Products
Moderator: Bob Witkow, President of Westwood Marketing