Ravi Naik

Chief Information Officer

Ravi Naik joined Seagate in 2017 as Chief Information Officer (CIO). Ravi is a proven technology leader with a significant range of IT experience, having held several positions at companies such as SanDisk and Hewlett Packard. Prior to joining Seagate, Ravi was the senior vice president of technology at Katerra, a technology startup revolutionizing the construction industry which is transforming the way buildings and spaces come to life. Before Katerra, Ravi was SanDisk's chief information officer. He began his career in 1993 in India, working for HP, where he focused on ERP. He joined 3Com in 1997, and spent the next seven years there leading software development teams implementing ERP, web applications and supply chain systems. In 2005, he joined Mercury Interactive to lead a major ERP implementation for that company. He remained with Mercury after its acquisition by HP in 2006 to help lead technology integration efforts. In 2007, he joined SanDisk to lead an ERP implementation and was eventually appointed as CIO, remaining with the organization through its sale to Western Digital in 2016. Naik holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Mumbai.