Cirrus Data Solutions’ DCS SAN caching appliance with Seagate Nytro flash Accelerator Cards seamlessly improve performance

Cirrus Data Solutions, Inc.
Syosset, NY


Cirrus Data Solutions, Inc. (Cirrus Data) is a privately-held developer of enterprise-class technology solutions for automated data management and optimization. Founded in 2011, Cirrus Data encompasses an elite team of R&D, engineering, and management professionals to drive its vision. Cirrus Data develops market-leading plug-and-play solutions such as the Data Migration Server (DMS) and Data Caching Server (DCS). Powered by unique patented Transparent Datapath Intercept (TDI) technology, Cirrus Data solutions install within minutes for fast, simple, uninterrupted data management with zero downtime to help customers achieve their data optimization goals.


A challenge exists for every Database Administrator (DBA) when the performance of their Storage Area Network (SAN) cannot keep up with the demands of the enterprise application’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs). It is also important to consider that most DBA’s are short-handed and can be limited in time and resources to work on these types of problems on an ongoing basis. They need a self-managing solution. Thankfully, a solution exists that addresses these performance issues without adding more work for the DBA with no database downtime or fine-tuning, and with minimal cost and impact in the data center. This solution is the Cirrus Data Solutions' Data Caching Server (DCS) utilizing Seagate’s Nytro flash accelerator cards.

Cirrus Data Solutions’ DCS Appliance is a 2U Linux-based server equipped with multiple pairs of FC ports and with up to three Seagate Nytro flash accelerator cards. The DCS solution is designed to be dynamically inserted between the host and the SAN with no interruption to service. The data cached on the appliances is done using Write-Through technology in which the data is always committed on the SAN storage in addition to being stored in the cache. The DCS appliances also allow the administrator to choose which data on the SAN needs to be cached to the Nytro cards for best performance. The appliance directly copies frequently accessed data blocks to the cache to help deliver low latencies and greatly improve performance.


  • Substantial performance gain over SAN-based configuration, making it well-suited to be used complementary to a SAN
  • A more cost-effective way to increase performance
  • Easy integration into an existing SAN storage environment as it requires no involvement from the database or application administrator to implement