Seagate Nytro® Flash Accelerator Cards Certified as DataCore Ready™

DataCore Software
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


DataCore Software is a leader in software-defined storage. The company’s storage virtualization software empowers organizations to seamlessly manage and scale their data storage architectures, delivering massive performance gains at a fraction of the cost of solutions offered by legacy storage hardware vendors. Backed by 10,000 customer sites around the world, DataCore’s adaptive and self-learning and healing technology takes the pain out of manual processes and helps deliver on the promise of the new software defined data center through its hardware agnostic architecture.


Partnering with DataCore, Seagate is a member of the DataCore Ready Program and the Seagate Nytro XP6500, XP7102, 1200.2 SAS SSD and the XF1230 SATA SSDs are certified as tested and compatible for DataCore SANsymphony-V. SSDs, with higher performance, lower latency and reduced power consumption is changing how storage is architected from not only a performance perspective, but a cost perspective as well. As these characteristics are a critical piece to delivering the massive performance required of SANsymphony, PCIe-based flash is well-suited for SANsymphony deployments.

Although PCIe flash may be recognized as a well-suited solution for DataCore customers, data center administrators may still be faced with the burden of identifying the right storage supplier and PCIe-based flash product that meets their needs within their DataCore platform. With the certification of the Nytro XP6302 and XP6500 flash accelerator cards by the DataCore Ready Program, their burdens have been lifted. This certification enables the deployment of the Nytro cards effortlessly in DataCore Ready system environments.


  • Seagate and DataCore’s collaboration enables DataCore customers to leverage both the Nytro and SANsymphony technologies seamlessly
  • The DataCore Ready Program certification provides customer confidence in deploying SANsymphony software with Nytro flash accelerator cards
  • Data centers can achieve performance targets set by DataCore and completion of a functional test plan with zero failures across the Nytro cards