Round Rock, TX


Seagate, as a member of the Dell Technical Partner Program, has certified the Nytro flash accelerator cards to run on the Dell PowerEdge server platform. Today’s data deluge generates unprecedented storage demands on data center managers. More sophisticated applications produce massive amounts of data, and Web 2.0, database and cloud deployments need ever-faster access to it. With higher performance, lower latency and reduced power consumption, the Nytro cards are changing how storage is architected from not only a performance perspective, but a cost perspective as well. Well-suited for PowerEdge servers, the Nytro cards went through a rigorous certification process to ensure that the overall solution meets Dell customer requirements.

This solution also qualifies for Dell standard support under the TPP program enabling customers to receive Dell support on a Nytro card if an issue arises when installed in a PowerEdge server. To ensure that the end result is performance-optimized, Dell and Seagate ran performance tests as well to identify the parameters to ensure the lowest latency and highest bandwidth. These results demonstrate that high performance can be achieved in an extremely dense environment utilizing a single server with the remaining slots available for high performance networking and HDDs.


  • Seagate and Dell’s collaboration enables Dell customers to leverage both the Nytro and PowerEdge solutions seamlessly
  • Certification removes the need to call multiple vendors for support - Dell standard support is available when the Nytro card is deployed on a PowerEdge server
  • Performance testing and fine-tuning ensure customers can achieve high performance in extremely dense environements


Dell is a multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas that develops and delivers technology solutions to a vast range of customers worldwide. Dell is one of the largest technology companies in the world with over 100K employees. Dell’s Technology Partner Program (TPP) enables partners, such as Seagate, to use Dell platforms to build innovative and highly competitive business solutions. Dell TPP combines technology strategies with Dell expertise to test partner products on Dell technology ensuring that vendor products have met the requirements to perform seamlessly with Dell platforms.