Palo Alto, CA


Server virtualization delivers a significant return on investment for companies that have embraced it. With up to 80% of mission-critical applications virtualized in most enterprise data centers, this technology delivers immediate benefits such as a smaller data center footprint, fewer IT resources and improved efficiencies. VMware, as the dominant player in this market, provides all these benefits. VMware is uniquely qualified to help IT organizations meet – and exceed – their rapidly changing business demands and empower industries to be more effective and responsive than ever.

With the goal of innovating to solve customer challenges in Software Defined Storage (SDS), the datacenter, the Cloud and beyond, VMware and Seagate have collaborated across multiple VMware and Seagate product lines to ensure delivery of the highest performing and quality solutions to the delight of our customers.


As an Elite VMware partner, Seagate collaborates with VMware on many fronts including vSAN certification of our Nytro flash accelerator cards and SSD offerings to VMware vCenter Plug-Ins.

Virtualization is pervasive in the enterprise, but IT organizations are often limited in the number of virtual machines (VMs) they can deploy due to the I/O bottleneck caused by traditional storage. Seagate Nytro cards and SSD solutions help to eliminate storage bottlenecks in virtualized environments by dramatically improving IOPS performance and VM density - and it does so with minimal impact to existing infrastructures. Seagate’s technology is designed to integrate quickly and easily with VMware vSphere®, vCenter and vMotion as well.

Seagate has also developed the Nytro vCenter Plug-In which enables users to effectively manage and monitor their Nytro flash accelerator cards via the widely used vCenter console. This web-based console, or user interface, provides seamless control over multiple Nytro cards via a single window within vCenter.

Together, VMware and Seagate are changing the way the data center is architected.


  • Delivers cost-effective methods for improving application performance and VM density for existing storage infrastructures
  • Helps enable greater business productivity and responsiveness
  • Provides a cost-effective and high performance solution without sacrificing the flexibility or reliability customers demand in their virtualized environments