Packing and Shipping Instructions

Information on how to ship and package products being returned.

  • Seagate Return Policy
  • What should I ship and how should I package it?

    For Seagate GoFlex Products:
    See Knowledge Base Document ID: 219711 for instructions on which component(s) to return to Seagate in a warranty return shipment.

    For Seagate or Maxtor External Hard Disk Drives:

    Please DO send back to Seagate:

    Please DO NOT send back to Seagate:

    For Seagate or Maxtor Internal Hard Disk Drives:

    Remove all accessories and/or spare parts. Ship the DRIVE ONLY. Seagate is not responsible for accessories; they cannot be returned.

    Some examples of accessories are:

    For Samsung External Hard Disk Drives:

    • Please DO NOT send accessories back to Seagate.

    Use original packaging when possible, such as packaging sent with Advanced Replacement Order:

    - Enclose each drive in an ESD (electrostatic discharge) bag, in an anti-static plastic shell (SeaShell) or anti-static bubble wrap.
    - Secure each unit in 2 inch-thick foam rubber in a corrugated box. Do not use popcorn, peanuts, bubble wrap or newspaper. If packaging more than one drive, use a separate container for each drive.
    - Print the order number on the outside of each box.
    - For more information on how to pack your unit, please view:

    For European customers, a T1 document must accompany the shipment if applicable (notify your agent).

    For customers in Brazil please go to the following link to obtain the corresponding document that you NEED to send with your hard drive for the warranty procedure to be valid.

    Do not enclose any personal notes within your parcel. They will not reach the warranty support department.

    For LaCie drives:


    • When replacing your device, please DO NOT send accessories such as cables, disk trays or power supplies back to LaCie/Seagate

    • When replacing a hard disk from a big RAID device, please be sure to remove all accessories such as disk trays (drive trays/drawers).


    For 6big or 12big RAID Storage devices:

    Replacing a hard drive

    If you are replacing a hard drive from your 6big or 12big RAID Storage device, please ship the DRIVE ONLY. Remove the hard drive from the disk tray (drawer) before sending to LaCie/Seagate. See instructions below:

    1. 1. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, carefully unfasten all four screws from their four slots
    2. 2. Gently slide the disk out of the tray

     Updated: November 28, 2016

  • What will happen to the data on my product?

    DATA ON RETURN DRIVES WILL BE LOST. Your original drive will NOT be returned. All data and software will be lost. If your warranty claim is justified, we may send you a recertified replacement unit. If not, we may retain your unit altogether. Either way, you will lose any data on the unit. The replacement drive will be low-level formatted. If you need the data on the drive and do not have a backup copy, you may want to consider data recovery services before sending the drive to Seagate for replacement.

    REMOVE YOUR DATA. In order to protect your privacy and other interests in data, delete all data from the drive, as much as possible, before you return your original drive to Seagate. Your drive may be shipped to another country for purposes of repair and/or refurbishment. The destination country may not offer the same level of data protection as your home country (and, if you are located in the European Economic Area, may not ensure an adequate level of protection for purposes of European data protection laws). In the destination country, Seagate will take steps to delete and overwrite all data on the drive to protect your privacy. For more information about this process, please see Data Erasure for Returned Products. By accepting the Seagate Membership/E-Commerce Terms and/or returning your drive to Seagate, you consent to the shipment of your drive across borders and to the deletion of your data.

    Any required data recovery service must be completed BEFORE shipping the drive(s) to Seagate for replacement. Data recovery is not covered under the Seagate limited consumer warranty and is not part of the repair and exchange process. If you would like data recovery performed on your drive it is available from Seagate as a separate service for an additional charge. Please see: for additional information on Seagate’s data recovery service.

    Updated: November 12, 2008